Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where's Joe ? part duex

It had to happen. Joe Biden is out of the bunker and being rehabilitated. First the press secretary explained "What Joe really meant" with his comments about not flying or riding the subway. Then we didn't hear much from Joe.
Yesterday he was sprung from seclusion. Pres. Obama and VP Biden went out alone to lunch (with about 40 of the press corps). This might have been step two in reintroducing Joe to the public. See--he is not afraid to eat in a small diner. Not afraid of that flu.
Joe and B.O. ate burgers. They might have taken this a step farther if they had eaten BBQ pork or a Spamburger. Calm public hysteria about consuming pork. The president also asked for french fries. I guess they are politically correct again. Remember the Freedom Fries?

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